Food for Thought

Dawn’s Food For Thought


Dawn’s Food For Thought combines my interests in nutrition, health, and environmental consciousness.

A few of my goals for this site include:

:: To learn about a life filled with nutritious food, and free of toxic chemicals for our bodies and our planet

:: To share ideas, recipes, and resources with others

:: To feature strategies to eat and live healthy as a working professional with limited time AND within a budget

:: To feature people and products that are leaders in the field

:: To present opportunities to connect people and communities, with food and farmers

:: To showcase green solutions for everyday personal and home care

Topics I will feature include:

:: Recipes and healthy foods

:: Organic, whole-food, plant-based living

:: Chemical-free alternatives to modern-day products

:: Interviews and features with nutrition, health, environment, and food experts

:: Health concepts simplified and summarized

:: Resources for further learning

:: We make choices everyday that impact our health

:: Let’s make choices that are proven to nourish our bodies, communities, and our planet.

Join me on this journey as I learn more about healthy living!

~ Dawn ~


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