planning my garden

Spring is here and that means it is time to garden!

When February arrives, I start planning my garden for the year.  This year I have more room than ever to plant vegetables as I have a community garden plot and a back yard {lucky, I know}.


Here’s my 2013 garden plan:Garden Plan

I spent much of last Sunday turning dirt and I am sure that my soil is ready because of the healthy earth worms that I found {wowza, that’s a big one!}!

earth worm

But, before I can fully implement my garden plan, I still need to built two more planter boxes in my back yard {just a minor holdup, right?}.

One of the boxes that I built last summer still has some winter crops in it so I transplanted some chard {that never really took off because I planted it too late}.  I’m hoping to give it a fresh new start in new soil and some spring heat.

What’s your favorite vegetable to grow?  Mine is definitely sweet million cherry tomatoes!


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