My August Garden

Is it really the end of August?  Fall is in the air; but if feels like I was just planning my garden.

This has been the driest summer we have had in Western Washington in 50 years.  After lots of water and soil amendment, my garden produced a bounty.  Well, maybe not a bounty, but enough to keep my boutique gardening hobby alive.

My strawberries are still producing ~ they are the everbearing variety.IMG_7867IMG_7905

My green beans tell me every day that they need picking. They might be my most fruitful, but least favorite crop!  I’ll remember that for next year. IMG_7863


My tomatoes on the other hand are definitely my most favorite crop.


IMG_7872 IMG_7917

And the kale and swiss chard get daily attention as I add them in my morning smoothiesIMG_7900 IMG_7898

I can hardly keep up with these super fast growing cucumbers. I find a new one practically every day!  IMG_7864 IMG_7879

And my squash are coming along despite their lack of attention and water, and anemic soil.  IMG_7884 IMG_7874

And now it’s time to start over – seedlings for the fall and winter.  Before you plant, ‘feed your soil’ by adding compost and soil amendment (like worm castings, seaweed, bone meal, alfalfa meal) so you will grow healthy plants.  Then, plant seeds or starts (in full sun) for winter greens like swiss chard, kale, spinach, and others.  I’m trying arugula because I wasn’t able to fit it into my original garden plan.  IMG_7869

Were you able to fit in gardening this summer?

What did you plant?


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