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Seattle Restaurant Week + Certified Organic Restaurants

Seattle is one of the foodie capitols of America.  With our access to clean water, rich soil, and agricultural land, restaurant owners and chef’s alike, design seasonal mouth-watering dishes from fresh, local, ingredients.  Some of Seattle’s best chef’s and restaurants are known around the world.

Seattle Restaurant week

Seattle Restaurant Week gives locals the opportunity to partake in a 3-course dinner at more than 160 restaurants for $28.  This year, Seattle Restaurant Week is  April 6-10, and 13-17, 2014.  Lunch options are also available at some restaurants for $15.

Since I eat mostly organic foods at home, I did some research and I found that among the 10 organically certified restaurants {oregon tilth certified} around the country, Seattle is home to six of them:

Since I’ve had great experiences eating at the Golden Beetle and Chaco Canyon, I’m going to try Agrodolce and Tilth this Spring!  Both of those restaurants, along with the Golden Beetle, are owned by Maria Hines – a world-renowned self-made chef.  On her website, you can see her stint on Iron Chef, and Martha Stewart.  In addition to Maria Hines’s seasonal food menus, her three restaurants serve hand-crafted specialty cocktails.














Which restaurants do you recommend in Seattle?



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